Thursday, January 2, 2014

Problems in Paradise

Ok, I apologize ahead of time for the venting you are about to read.

Anyways, I have to begin with the past couple of weeks I have been working like a dog with very few days off. Lets begin with I went out of town with my other Boss, Frankie, for a scrapbook convention. She has a scrapbook store (Got Memories) & we travel to conventions to sell one of her sub-companies (Clearly Clever). I was out of town 11/6 through 11/9. I went to Frankies house Monday night to get paid; left her house & decided to stop by Sheetz on Guildford college to fill the car up with gas. I walked inside to pay for the gas, because putting my credit card in the pump allows gas companies to hold my money hostage for 1-2 days. A little something I picked up at work. SO I walk in & pay $40 for gas, after contemplating how much will now fill up my car since gas is only $2.15/ gal. I walk back out side & pump $33.63, so of course I have to walk back in to get my credit applied to my card. Walking back out to my car AGAIN. I proceed to get in & start it. Click, click, click, NO turn over, car not starting!!!!! Please keep in mind of thew time: 10:15 PM. Of course I went into a state of panic. I pay a mortgage payment every month to have this car & I have no TOLERANCE for it not to work. I am sorry if you get $500 month you better **** well work, when I want you to work!!!!! I then proceed to walk back into Sheetz for the 3rd time, and break down in the lobby about my car not being able to stop. The manager on duty proudly walks up to me & states its ok. He will have a look at it. So, out to the car we go. He gets in & click,click,click. Engine still not starting. He then ask ME how to pop the hood on my car. I popped the hood, he walks around, then ask ME again how to get the hood up. Ok, so far not a rocket scientist. I get the hood up, he looks at my battery with an infestation of crud on both of the post on the battery. He points at it stating this is your problem. I will just bring my car around and give you a jump. OK, so I get a jump and I can leave RIGHT!!!!

Wrong!!!! 40 mins later we still can get the car to start. We have tried pouring Coke to eat at the acid build up & jumper cables. we tried to think of a battery place that was open at this time of night that could give me a new one once we get the car started & on my home I would be. BUT NO the **** car won't start. So I get to be ogled by every thug & gang banger coming through to fill there car up & get there fix for the munchies. One person walked by and pointed at my battery stating that's not good, your car isn't going to start. THANKS FOR THE NEWS FLASH GENIUS!!!!!!!

I then called my husband who is at the house, to come and get me. He takes his sweet time rolling down guildford college going 35 MPH. to come get me. Ok, no offence I have been dealing with my 2004 car that won't start and I am sitting at the gas station will a FULL tank of Gas!!!!! Please get me home before I explode. Luckily Prince charming shows up soon and off to the house we go with everything I had crammed in my SUV into his 91 Toyota Camry!!! Needless to say you can't see out any other window but the front one.

Not Half way home I realise the DEAD battery is still in my car at Sheetz. I say to my husband, who really could care less because I interrupted him watching TV to come get me, it might have been a good idea to get the battery out of the car. He just shrugs and nods.

Home sweet Home, I proceed to tear the kitchen apart looking for everything I can stuff in my mouth to get over the fact that I don't have a car at the moment. Then off to bed around 3

Tuesday morning I was suppost to get up and meet Nancy and Emery at the Car wash, so Nancy could get her car detailed. She called at 8am and left message not to worry. I proceed to take my rear end back to bed slept until 12:30pm, didn't think to turn on the alarm. Of course I am supposed to be back at Frankie's at 2pm. SO jumping out of bed taking a shower and yelling to my wonderful husband to go get me a battery for my car and come back to pick me up. Then we will make the voyage back to Sheetz to put it in my car.

Keith comes back home as I am dressing and tells me Autozone didn't know what battery to give me. They have 2 batteries for my car on file. They will need to see the battery I have.

Ok, off to Sheetz we go. almost at Bryan blvd at New Garden and realise I have a I'll right a check for that man. In other words NO TOOLS!!! I ask my husband just take me to Home depot and I will buy a couple of wrenches. He states he doesn't want me to waste my money he will just drive back to the house. Ok it already took us 15mins to get here Home depot is 3 mins away, I have to be a Frankie's house at 2pm and it is now 1pm. Needless to say I lost the battle and we turn around to go back to the house. Almost on Bryan blvd and Frankie calls to ask me to get something at the accountants office which is right there. OK. so we finally end up at Sheetz at 1:45pm. I call Frankie and let her know I will be late. She ask how late, I state about a hour.

We finally pull into Sheetz and begin to take the battery out of my car. Remember the Coke being poured on my battery last night!?!?!? Well it became a sticky mess and we weren't able to get the battery out of the car. So, we called AAA to come and tow the car to the closest place for me to get a battery. Guess what there is a AAA store on Sapp Road, just on the other side of Target. please keep in mind that on the back side of Target is Sheetz!!!! During this time of waiting I begin to pull out my hair and call Nancy to calm me down. She replies, I am on my way! My saving GRACE!! She shows up with 2 cheeseburgers from McD's and tells me to go feed Emery sitting in the car. Mean while on her way over she has given Brannon the Speech about how it's nice to come and help me with my car problems when he probably has the tools to get the battery out. By the time the guy comes with the tow truck we have Me, Keith, Nancy, Brannon and Emery waiting on him.

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